NFL Picks – Passing Yards Relevancy

I will start broadly with this, first investigating all groups which averagely have a larger number of yards from passing plays than their rival.


The outcome isn’t useful for these groups as they win ATS just 49.1% occasions. 


They are mixed up,  สถานการณ์ยูเวนตุส you will think. I don’t contemplate which is the better group. Since these crews are favs a bigger number of times than not. Easygoing bettors simply don’t comprehend arithmetic of wagering. One ought to consistently analyze crews versus spread, and not simply versus another group. Over 70% easygoing bettors lay their cash on favs.


What occurs if prevailing passing group is at any rate 50 yards better by and large. It deteriorates at that point – they spread the line 48.6% of time. You get comparable outcomes on the off chance that you investigate groups assaulting and cautious passing yards. Groups which pass more than they permit passing yards, are not covering admirably in like manner.


What about consolidating those 2 parts together? Here are results. 


  1. Group passes a larger number of yards than permits passing yards and has preferred hostile disregarding game current adversary – 48.4% on a major example.


  1. Same, just with least 50 yards distinction, this time – 46.7 % against the spread. 


Here is the point: don’t put a lot on passing ability, it moves the line. Better passing crews clearly get an excessive amount of regard from easygoing cappers.


Also, what about strong protective groups that won’t permit also passes? We may have something here. Groups surrendering less passing yards than adversary are 50.8% against the spread. Appears as though we got it. Let sum up.

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