Detection of rotor slot and other eccentricity related harmonics in a three phase

Identification of rotor space and other flightiness related music in the line current of a three stage acceptance engine is significant both from the perspective of sensorless speed assessment just as erraticism related flaw location. Nonetheless, it is presently evident that not every one of the three stage acceptance engines are fit for producing such sounds in the line current. Late exploration has demonstrated that the presence of these music is principally subject to the quantity of rotor openings and the quantity of major post sets of the machine. slot  While the quantity of essential shaft sets of a three stage acceptance engine ordinarily is inside one to four (higher post sets are commonly dodged because of expanded polarizing current), the quantity of rotor spaces can change broadly. The current paper researches this marvel further and gets a heretofore undefined hypothetical reason for the tentatively confirmed outcomes. Definite coupled attractive circuit reenactment results are introduced for a four shaft, three stage enlistment engine with 44, 43, and 42 rotor spaces under sound, static, dynamic and blended capriciousness conditions. The recreation is adaptable enough to oblige other shaft numbers too. These reenactments are useful in evaluating the anticipated sounds under various blends of burden, shaft pair numbers, rotor spaces and erraticism conditions, in this manner making the issue simpler for drive architects or symptomatic instruments’ engineers. Information from three diverse acceptance machines, specifically, a 4 shaft, 44 bar, 3 hp, a 4 post, 28 bar, 3 hp and a 2 shaft, 39 bar, 100 hp engine have been utilized to confirm the outcomes tentatively. The reproduction and the exploratory outcomes obviously approve the hypothetical discoveries set forward in this paper.

Distributed in: IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion ( Volume: 16 , Issue: 3 , Sep 2001 )

Page(s): 253 – 260

Date of Publication: Sep 2001

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INSPEC Accession Number: 7015713

DOI: 10.1109/60.937205

Distributer: IEEE

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I. Presentation

The PRESENCE of rotor space music (additionally called the chief opening music or PSH) and the other flightiness related music is significant for the greater part of the sensorless movable speed acceptance engine drive plans [1] and determination of whimsy related flaws [2]. The PSH, and the static and dynamic unusualness related frequencies in a three stage enlistment engine line current are given in a smaller structure by [3] as,


where nd=0

if there should arise an occurrence of static unusualness;


if there should arise an occurrence of dynamic unusualness (nd is known as capriciousness request);


major gracefully recurrence;


number of rotor openings;




number of major shaft sets;


any certain number;


request of the stator time sounds that are available in the force gracefully driving the engine (v=1,3,5, and so forth.).

The chief opening music are additionally given by the above condition with nd=0, v=1, k=1. Recurrence parts given by (1) that are identified with triplen (different of 3) post pair numbers ought to in a perfect world be missing in the line current of a three stage machine. In any case, because of machine gracefully and constructional unbalances some of them might be noticeable even in a sound machine.

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