Wood is undoubtedly one of the most stylish natural substances that you could supply. With the herbal grooves of the wooden’s history, it creates a swish and noticeably raw layout. Their earthy tones also allow a clean and refreshing layout, for folks that experience a minimalist style. As wooden watches reclaim their authority in twenty first century style, there are so many benefits to styling these precise timepieces.

With a nature inspired design which boasts a cool and modern-day aesthetic, timber watches are undeniably precise. The beauty of their minimal layout is that it speaks for itself. The aggregate of a completely unique preference of material against a clear face and colourful watch palms makes it a flexible announcement piece.

The secure design of a wood watch does now not make it any less of an outfit focal factor. When styled towards a strong coloration outfit, the herbal sample of the timber can turn out to be the big name of the display. It additionally brings balance to a cloth wardrobe of outfits, for people who decide upon the “much less is extra” rule with accessorising.

This communication-beginning timepiece can carry a whole new appearance for your day by day existence. The choice of a mild or darkish wooden can also be alternated among seasons and events of different formalities.

Many steel watches will have a heavy company experience to them. The fresh appearance of a wood watch brings a brand new, current enchantment to the add-ons range.

Wooden watches are also much less possibly to show signs of wear and tear, as wood is so durable. Therefore, rip, dents and frayed material are much less possibly with timber designs. You can also enjoy a lightweight experience in comparison to a metallic watch, as you move about your day.

Wooden watches by means of MAM Originals are crafted with 100% herbal materials, biodegradable packaging and sustainable to combat towards Co2 emissions. This permits a completely sustainable layout, for guilt loose style, which may be very a whole lot in call for nowadays.

At Allen Brown Jewellery, we have an intensive range of fantastically particular jewelry. Wooden watches by way of MAM Originals are available at our Lichfield showroom. We love the raw and true fashion of wood watches and are happy to guide you through the variety to help find a style which fits you.

We additionally have a range of other designs in our watch gallery to cover many styles and budgets, for both girls and gentlemen.

To discover us, go to the Heart of the Country Village in Staffordshire.

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